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Weekly Schedule 

What's happening the week of

July 15- July 22



9:00 Worship

Fellowship and Conversation in the Fellowship Hall to Follow



10:30 Prairie Lakes Association



6:00pm – 12am Edmunds County Relay for Life


Next Sunday

9:00 Worship

Fellowship and Conversation in the Fellowship Hall to Follow


Prayer List

PRAYER REQUESTS:  For Health and Healing: Harris Swanson, Harley Hamak, Glen Brockel, Taylen Hetlick, Amy Kappenman, Bob & Cindy Swenson; For those in Grief: Family of Dennis Bieber, Family of Byron Hoffer; For those in need: Community of Annapolis, MD, refugees of Syria/Iraq; and All who serve.



Birthday’s This Week

17- Calvin Kleffman

19- Deanne Hoyle


Anniversary This Week

None this week


Ushers Needed!!!!

Please look at the signup sheet outside the office to volunteer your time.

July is in need of your help.


~ Upcoming Events~


·         20-21: Edmunds County Relay for Life 6pm- Midnight

·         25-28: Dakota Prairie Lakes Work Camp


·         9-21: Pastor Enno on Vacation



·         8:  Women’s Fellowship Meeting


July’s Mission

Relay for Life

June 20 at 6pm- 12am


Dakota/Prairie Lakes Association Work Camp

To continue to build relationships between our churches and associations so that we might all be one.
To finish painting the fellowship hall and re-roofing the Eastern side of the fellowship hall in Little Eagle, July 25-28.
Rev. Enno Limvere – Event Coordinator

Jim Franzen – Work Site Foreman

Pastor Louie Blue Coat – Little Eagle Local Pastor & Host


Our Church's Purpose:

This church shall worship God as revealed in scripture;

celebrate the sacraments of communion and baptism;

develop fellowship and unity within this church

and with the church the world over;

give loving service toward humanity, and 

work toward justice, equality and peace

in our community and the world. 

Monthly Newsletter

Every month our council gets together and we put together a newsletter to keep everyone up to date. 

July Mission 

Relay for Life

Relay for Life is July 20 from 6pm to midnight.

Our church's team is United Christian Cowboys (UCC) and we will be doing a candy land theme for our church camp site.  We are in need of a few items like a child’s playhouse and the candy canes that people have stuck in the ground during Christmas time.  If anyone has these items, or any other ideas to help out, they can contact Missy Kleffman.

We need everyone to help support this effort.  Please contact Valette Horst, Twila Thorstenson, or Missy Kleffman with questions on how to help.  Tessa Kilber & Kari Kanable are our camp co-captains.

The Camp Schedule for Placerville is here.  You can see the brochures at the church or look online at the link below by pressing the button.

Relay for Life

Relay for Life is a great event that our Church is a part of.