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This Week Schedule of Events

 ~What's happening this week~  

9:00am Worship will continue as a permanent time


 Today’s Worship

9:00 am Worship Service with communion

Friendly Feast

1:00 Community Thanksgiving Service



No Youth Activities


Next Sunday

9:00 am Worship Service



Anniversary This Week

23- Jerry and Jan Kilber

27: Ted and Jaci Schomberg


Birthdays This Week

20-  Donanne Fugman

23- Evan Johnson, Karlie Gohl

24- Jeremy Hildebrandt


 ~ Upcoming Events~

We are NOW having Fellowship After Worship!!!

Signup is available on the white table outside the office!!

So pick a date that works for you to GREET!!


Church Services Will Remain at 9:00am!!



21: Communion

21: Friendly Feast 11am-12:30pm

21: Community Thanksgiving Service at 1:00pm

24: No Youth Activities



12: Guest Night at 7:00pm

18: Christmas Program Practice 10-12 with lunch provided


19: Children’s Christmas Program with a Meal provided afterwards for Everyone

22: No Youth Activities

29: No Youth Activities



Upcoming Event Details 

Come and get involved!

Friendly Feast

Please join us for a FREE turkey dinner with all the fixings served in the fellowship hall

November 21st from 11am-12:30pm.

Everyone is welcome so please invite others.


Community Thanksgving Service at 1:00pm



Donations to Little Eagle

We have received a monetary donation from a member to be used toward purchasing food and/or Christmas presents to help make Christmas a little better for those at Little Eagle.  If anyone is interested in adding money or food donations for this project, please give your donation to Deanne Hoyle by December 5, 2021.   If anyone has new or gently used warm clothing, coats, gloves, hats, snow boots, etc that you would like to send along to Little Eagle, please have items to the Fellowship Hall by December 5 also.

Wednesday School 

Every Wednesday our Youth come and learn about Jesus, God, and our Church!!


Please come and join us!!

6:00 Little Youth (Fellowship Hall) and Youth Group (Basement) Supper

6:30 Little Youth Worship and Class


Upcoming Dates

18: Christmas Program Practice 10-12 with lunch provided

19: Children’s Christmas Program with a Meal provided afterwards for Everyone


Christmas Guest Night

The Annual Women’s Fellowship Christmas Guest Night will be held on Sunday night, December 12th at 7:00pm. Music selections will be Emily Kadlec on the piano, and singer, Donna Berstch Bratland from Aberdeen.

Dessert will follow in the fellowship hall. Admission is free and everyone is welcome.

Children's Message



Best Friend Forever

Do you know how much God loves you?  He loves you wherever you are, however, you feel, and whatever happens to you.  God will never stop loving you.  He is your best friend forever!

You can get an idea of God’s love by reading the story of Jesus in the Bible.  Jesus left His perfect home in heaven to be with you and me. And because He died for us, we get to share His perfect home forever if we ask Him. So if you haven’t asked God to be your friend yet, why not do it today?


Thought of the Day

The Bible is full of stories of God’s love.  Can you think of one?


Pray Today

Dear God, thank You for loving me so much and being my best friend forever! Amen.


Veggies Tales: God Knows Me.




Just a Reminder that during these times where we can’t make it to church, monetary gifts are appreciated and can be given by mailing a check to the church or Deanne Hoyle.

You may also do a direct deposit at the Ipswich Bank, or through our church website via pay-pal.


Thank you,

Margaret Nelson, Noel Pond, Lance Perrion, Valette Horst, and Twila Thorstenson

Our Trustee’s

The Story of the Stained-Glass

Windows in the Ipswich United Church of Christ

         The beautiful stained-glass windows in our church were installed during the ministry of the Revered Godfrey Matthews in 1917.  The following year Revered Matthews was called as a Y.M.C.A. Secretary to Fort Sill in Oklahoma.  


         The beautiful window, in the east, was given by Mr. and Mrs. George Meadows in memory of their young son, Earle, who graduated from High School in 1911, and as a special gift his folks gave him a trip to Wisconsin and Illinois to visit cousins.  While swimming across a lake in Illinois with a YMCA group, Earle drowned.  Mr. and Mrs. Meadows were the parents of Mrs. Beth Crissman and the grandparents of Earle Crissman.  The Meadows and Crissmans were among the prominent pioneers of Ipswich.


        “The Christian Endeavor” donated the northeast window.  This was the name of the church youth group at that time.  Each member was to use $1.00, probably gotten from his or her parents, and see how much it could be increased in a certain length of time. The idea was probably borrowed from the parable of the 10 talents in the Bible. 

Emily Roberts recalled being praised for bringing the first $5.00.  Elizabeth Jenson took orders for baked goods which she baked herself and she brought in $16.00.   Elizabeth Jensen was Bonnie Hodson’s mother and Clyde and Glen Hodson’s grandmother.  Emily and Elizabeth were sisters. 


       Mr. and Mrs. Ed Barron gave the northwest window in memory of Mrs. Barron’s mother, Mrs. J. C. Simmons.  Ed Barron was also from a pioneer family.  His mother was the church organist for many years.


      Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hill donated the round window above the altar, the Hoffman head of Christ.  Dr. Hill was the Country Doctor here in Ipswich from 1895 until his death in 1938.  His funeral was held in the High school gym as it was felt that no local church would hold the crowds who would want to show their love and respect for this dedicated country doctor.  Mrs. Hill was a diligent worker in both the Ladies Aid and the church. 


        The Southwest window was given as a memorial for the Reverend Harry Evans who died during the flu epidemic.  Until he was taken ill himself, he visited the sick and did what he could to help.  This window was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Beebe, members of the Baptist Church. 


       In a letter to Mr. and Mrs. Meadows from Reverend Godfrey Matthews, he stated that if they didn’t care to buy a window, they might like to contribute toward the purchase of one.  The conclusion of that idea produced the window depicting Christ’s Ascension in the southeast corner of our building.  The idea of several contributions put together was so good there was enough money left over for another small window.  So, that window went in the south wall of the Vestibule. 


       In 1950 it was discovered that the windows needed re-leading and Merrill and Edna Bebermeyer went to Minneapolis and located the firm from which the windows were ordered.  The firm sent two men out to do the re-leading.




Growing in Faith 

Graduation Recognition was held on May 9, 2021

Our graduates were 

Josh McQuarie, Ashton Loken, Bailey Pitz, Eric Severson, & Taryn Kleffman

Thank you to Our Wonderful Teachers and Christian Education Commitee for a wonderful Year!!

Christmas Program

You may watch the program online in our Blog. 

Last Day of Wednesday School for the 2020-2021 Year

May 5th

Children and Teachers all had a great time going on a scavenger hunt around the church. 

Harvest Party 2021

Fun was had by all on October 27th!!  Crafts, Hay Ride and of course FOOD!!

Christmas 2020 

Ornament Decorating and our Tree at the Court House