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9:00am Worship for summer through August 29th!!


Today’s Worship

9:00 am Worship Service

Fellowship after Worship


Next Sunday

9:00 am Worship Service



Anniversary This Week

No Anniversaries this Week


Birthdays This Week

31: Nathan Oban


 ~ Upcoming Events~

We are NOW having Fellowship After Worship!!!

Signup is available on the white table outside the office!!

So pick a date that works for you to GREET!!


1: Parking Lot Worship

7: Rummage and Lunch

8: Council Meeting after


15: Communion

Children's Message



Time For God

Do you know that you can talk to God any time of the day or night?  Some people like to pray and read their Bible in the morning.  Others read Bible stories before bed.  Some folks gather with friends or family to have a time called “devotions,” when they read Bible verses together and talk about what they mean.  

Because God is always there, you can talk, pray, or read about HIm any time you want.  Making time for God every day is the best way to help your faith grow and for you to become better friends with Him!


Thought of the Day

When do you like to spend time praying and talking with God?


Pray Today

Dear God, I’m so glad I can talk to You every day.  Thank You for always being there for me. 


VeggieTales: God Knows Me





Just a Reminder that during these times where we can’t make it to church, monetary gifts are appreciated and can be given by mailing a check to the church or Deanne Hoyle.

You may also do a direct deposit at the Ipswich Bank, or through our church website via pay-pal.


Thank you,

Margaret Nelson, Noel Pond, Lance Perrion, Valette Horst, and Twila Thorstenson

Our Trustee’s

Upcoming Event Details 

Come and get involved!

A Message from Kerry Steever, Placerville Camp Director>>>

Greetings from Placerville Camp!  

We are excited to send out this message to let you know that we will be opening up for summer programming! YAY!!

Obviously with COVID still in full swing, as of right now, there will be some changes from the norm and we hope that by the time summer reaches us, we can change our course of action.

First off, all campers and staff will be wearing masks while indoors, except while sleeping. Campers will receive a cloth mask once they arrive and disposable masks will also be available. Campers, however, will be encouraged to bring their own masks as well as hand sanitizer.

Second, we will be restricting the number of campers that can attend. Youth camps will have a limit of 30 campers so that we can keep a ratio of 1 counselor to 5 campers. This will allow safer sleeping arrangements in the cabins. Women’s Camp will also have a limit of 30 participants. Campers will also be doing most of their activities within their family groups which includes meals times.

Third, registration will be on-line only, so a camp brochure will not be mailed out. On-line registration will allow us to keep track of the numbers as registrations are made in real time. We can keep track of numbers better this way. This can be done at

On-line registration also allows us to notify campers as guidelines change where we might have the need to adjust our protocols.

We would appreciate your helping get the word out to your congregation. Please pass on the website so folks will know where to get their information.

More information will be coming as time goes on. With many prayers, maybe we can lift the limit on numbers as summer draws near. We look forward to seeing you at camp!



The Stained-Glass Window Restoration Fundraiser is Ongoing!!


The Stained Glass window Restoration is an ongoing Fundraiser.  Any donation will bring us closer to our $50,000 goal to restore our windows.

Thank You in advance

The Trustees

Church Rummage Sale

August 7

The Women’s Fellowship will be holding our annual

Rummage and Lunch on Saturday, August 7th.

So, save all your good household items.  We will keep you updated on further details.

No clothing or shoes!

Growing in Faith 

Graduation Recognition was held on May 9, 2021

Our graduates were 

Josh McQuarie, Ashton Loken, Bailey Pitz, Eric Severson, & Taryn Kleffman

Thank you to Our Wonderful Teachers and Christian Education Commitee for a wonderful Year!!

Christmas Program

You may watch the program online under in our Blog. 

Last Day of Wednesday School for the 2020-2021 Year

May 5th

Children and Teachers all had a great time going on a scavenger hunt around the church. 

Harvest Party 2020

Fun was had by all on October 28th!!  Games, Hay Ride and of course FOOD!!

Christmas 2020 

Ornament Decorating and our Tree at the Court House