Ipswich United Church of Christ



This church shall worship God as revealed in scripture;

celebrate the sacraments of communion and baptism;

develop fellowship and unity within this church and with the church the world over;

give loving service toward humanity, and

work toward justice, equality and peace in our community and the world. 


United Church of Christ Motto:    That they may all be one (John 17:21)

United Church of Christ Statement of Faith

We believe in you, O God, Eternal Spirit,

God of our Savior Jesus Christ and our God,

And to your deeds we testify:

            You call the worlds into being,

                        create persons in your own image,

                        and set before each one the ways of life and death.

            You seek in holy love to save all people from aimlessness and sin.

You judge people and nations by your righteous will declared through the prophets and apostles.

In Jesus Christ, the man of Nazareth, our crucified and risen Savior,

            you have come to us and shared our common lot,

conquering sin and death and reconciling the world to yourself.

            You bestow upon us your Holy Spirit,

                        creating and renewing the church of Jesus Christ,

binding in covenant faithful people of all ages, tongues, and races.

            You call us into your church

                        to accept the cost and joy of discipleship,

                        to be servants in the service of others,

                        to proclaim the gospel to all the world,

                        and resist the powers of evil,

                        to share in Christ’s baptism and eat at his table,

                        to join him in his passion and victory.

            You promise to all who trust you

                        forgiveness of sins and fullness of grace,

                        courage in the struggle for justice and peace,

                        your presence in trial and rejoicing,

                        and eternal life in your realm which has no end.

            Blessing and honor, glory and power be unto you.  Amen.


To love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength

 Our Testimony

I Love God Because….

He gave me a world to live in, and blesses me with amazing people.

I Love Our Church Because…

They are here to see me through hard times.

I Love Our Community Because…

We all got each other’s back.

Rejoice in the Lord always, I will say it again: Rejoice! (Philippians 4:4)

Our Testimony

I Love God Because….

He has given me the love that I feel in my heart.  The strength during difficult times and for the wonderful family I was blessed with.

I Love Our Church Because…

When we walk in to the building you are greeted by warmth and smiling faces.  Also, all of kids have close relationships out of church which is very special.

I Love Our Community Because…

It is a small town.  I don’t want to live in a big one.  Our school is nice with good teachers, we have good stores to buy stuff.

Rejoice in the Lord always, I will say it again: Rejoice! (Philippians 4:4)


Come as you are

We want you to come just as you are. When you walk through our doors you may see people in suits and ties, but you will also see people in jeans and t-shirts. We want to make sure when you visit you are comfortable and that is all that matters to us. As long you are come through our doors, we want to make sure you feel loved and welcomed.

If you ever need anything, always feel free to connect with us. We love to hear from our new visitors. 


Get to know the Ipswich UCC Church Staff & Leaders

Emily Kadlec

Emily is our amazing pianist/organist who always fills our church with beautiful music to strengthen the soul. 

Pastor Tim Fugman

Pastor Tim is our interim pastor who we are so happy to have during this time of transition. 

Emily Volk

Emily is our awesome office secretary who has been with us for 10 years now. 

She is in charge of putting the bulletin and newsletter together.  As well as keeping the website up to date along with posting on facebook. 

Judy Steen

Judy Steen is our faithful grounds keeper.  She does tasks like: mows the lawn, trim tree's, and takes care of the flowers. 


Deanne Hoyle

Deanne Hoyle is our supportive Moderator and Financial Secretary who always is willing to help. 







Twila Thorstenson


Twila Thorstenson is our thorough janitor who keeps our Church and Fellowship Hall clean to fill it with love and prayer.

Our Wider Church

Prairie Lakes Association

South Dakota Conference of

the United Church of Christ

United Church of Christ

(Our National Denomination)

Our Reformation Roots....

In 1517, 500 years ago, Martin Luther, a Roman Catholic priest, nailed 95 thesis to the door.

This act and others allowed Christians and churches to be freerer in their worship and missions as the Body of Christ.

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Vision of a just world underscores clearer UCC purpose, mission

     Purpose....                              Vision....              Mission....